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Friday, 19 May 2017

Supported Browsers for Pogo

If you are receiving "Game won't launch" or "Error" messages, make sure you are using one of the recommended and supported browsers.

There are several different browsers and operating systems out there to choose from. Below, we will tell you which browsers we recommend, which browsers we support, and which browsers we do not support.

Recommended and Supported
  • For Windows XP:
  • For Windows Vista and Windows 7:
    • Internet Explorer 9 (IE9)
    • Mozilla Firefox (latest version)
    • Google Chrome (latest version)
  • For Mac (latest version):
    • Safari (latest version)
    • Mozilla Firefox (latest version)
Note: If you have AOL 9 or later and are encountering a problem, we will recommend you use one of the ones above.

Unsupported Browsers and Operating Systems

  Note: The browsers and operating systems listed below may or may not work. If you encounter any problems, we will only be able to assist you with using the browsers listed above.
  • Windows 2000 or earlier
  • Linux
  • Mac OS 10.3.9 or earlier
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 or earlier
  • Firefox 2.0 or earlier
  • AOL 8 or earlier
  • Netscape
  • Navigator
  • Opera
  • Mozilla
  • Internet Explorer 7
  • MSN 8 / MSN 9 browser (We are compatible with the service, just not the browser, so we recommend using the supported ones above.)
  • Yahoo! browser (SBC / AT&T / Verizon) (We are compatible with the service, just not the browser, so we recommend using the supported ones above.)
  • Wal-Mart browser (We are compatible with the service, just not the browser, so we recommend using the supported ones above.)
  • CompuServe browser (We are compatible with the service, just not the browser, so we recommend using the supported ones above.)
  • NetZero / Juno browser (We are compatible with the service, just not the browser, so we recommend using the supported ones above.) 

    Pogo Games Support | @855-517-2433.

How do I clear my Java cache?

  Clear my Java cache

If you're having problems running Pogo games, you should try clearing your Java cache. Please note: Java cache is different than your Browser cache. Clearing your Java cache can be a quick and easy fix. Please follow these steps if you are using a Windows platform:
  • Click the following things in order: Start > Control Panel > Java.
    Note: If you do not see the Java icon, click on Switch to Classic View in the menu on the left-hand side, and this should allow you to see the Java icon.
  • Under the General tab, click the Settings button located in the Temporary Internet Files section.
  • Then click on Delete Files...
  • A dialog box will appear. Make sure all the options are selected, and click OK.
This should probably be done whenever you encounter a problem with the way a game is functioning. Restarting your computer after doing so can also help the performance of the game.
You should also make sure you're running the latest version of Java. If you are not sure if you have the latest version of Sun Java or not, please visit and follow the instructions

I have Internet Explorer 11, but Pogo says I need IE9. What do I do?

Our team is awarethat some players using Internet Explorer 9 are prompted by the Internet Explorer 10 "upgrade error message" below, which prevents them from regular access to the Pogo website.

To ensure your browser is able to recognize the latest Internet Explorer and displays the website correctly, please follow these simple steps:

1. In the menu bar of Internet Explorer, click on “Tools”

2. You will see that “Compatibility View” is check. Simply uncheck it.
The error message should disappear and you should be able to access Pogo.com as usual.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused and would like to assure you we are actively working toward a resolution. 

Canon Printer Support Call Us +1-855-817-2433 (Toll Free)

how to play Blackjack Carnival pogo game

Play the non-stop party Black Jack Carnival game for free online!
Play Blackjack Carnival. It's a non-stop party! The carnival-themed online blackjack game from Pogo.com includes colorful graphics and exciting casino-style gameplay such as side bets and higher wagers. And if you need help during a hand, the betting tips and card counting feature will help you make the right decision. Play Blackjack Carnival and other free casino games online at Pogo.com and win more than just a handful of beads.
Key Features
  • Side Bets: Select one of three side bets each with different odds of winning.
  • Tip Button: The tip button offers suggestions for each hand.
  • Bets: Bet up to 250 tokens in this online blackjack game.
  • Chat: An added feature when you play online blackjack and other free casino games online.

    Canon Printer Support +1-855-517-2433

Can't log in to Pogo Forums using IE9 Clearing out IE9 might fix it.

Be sure to "UN Check" the top: Preserve favorite website data. There probably is a corrupted file somewhere.
Click on the Gear/Cog in the upper right corner of the screen.

In the menu that appears click on Internet Options
In the Browsing History section you will see a box that has the word: delete Clickon it.
A new pop up will appear.

Preserve Favorites Website Data will be at the top and there will be a box next to it. Make sure there is NO check or X in that box.
Then click the Delete button.

That will clear out any corrupted files and junk from your browser
Have you tried completely logging out of Pogo, rebooting and then logging back in? Also, you will get logged out of the forum and still be logged into Pogo. But, the log in should take you to the log in page, not the Home Page. If you have more question related to IE9..

Monday, 8 May 2017

How do I change my Pogo billing plan or Account information?

You can change your billing plan from monthly to yearly (or vice versa) by following the steps below:
Please note: If you're on the yearly plan, you probably don't want to change to the monthly plan, unless you are still on your free trial period and aren't sure you want to pay for a whole year of the Club Pogo service in advance.
  1. Go to  and click on the Sign In link on the upper right-hand corner
  2. Enter your Screen Name and Password and click on the Sign In link
  3. Click on My Account (next to the Sign In link)
  4. You will be prompted to enter your Password again for verification purposes
  5. You should now see your My Games Account page
  6. On the right-hand side, click on the My Subscription and Billing Information
  7. Under My Subscription Information, click on the Change Payment Plan link on the right-hand side
If you Facing Same Problems Call Pogo Support Team : 855-517-2433.

how can I change the size of the game boards? New computer and game field is only about 2 x4

Go to your desktop background (on your computer)
Right click background image,
choose 'properties'
choose 'settings'

What 'screen resolution' are you using?
drag the bar to the right.

If this is already completely across;

What Web Browser/Application are you using?

Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari...?
You may want to check 'View' setting at the top of your screen.

Call Pogo Game Support Team: 855-517-2433.