Saturday, 27 February 2016

Who Has The Biggest Brain Pogo Games

WhoHas The Biggest Brain

In the free online game "Who Has The Biggest Brain?" you are taken through a series of mini games where you test your abilities in 4 areas of your brain. The combined score from each of these categories add up to your overall brain rating. A great opportunity to settle the debate, who really does have the biggest brain?
Passing Strategies:
  • No Mistake Bonus is granted when there is no wrong answer in a mini-game.
  • Use keyboard for maximum efficiency in calculation and counting cubes.
  • You won’t get any tokens or XP if you quit in the middle of a test.
  • The only way to get better is to play the game more!
  • There is no way to pause the game, so stay cool and concentrate.

After playing a game of 'Who Has The Biggest Brain?' you are awarded a ranking, or 'Brain Type'. You can use this 'Brain Type' to compare the size of your brain to your friends. There are 27 different brain types that are used to rank you and your friends. Impress your friends by ranking as a 'Neuronian', the highest ranking of them all!
  • 8 different mini-games to play
  • Answering incorrect gives a penalty score
  • There are 27 different brain types
·         Getting a high score in 'Who Has The Biggest Brain?' is a combination of skills and speed. Each mini-game has its own approach, try to find a pattern for your brain to follow. Some people actually say it helps them to think out loud when playing, give it a try!


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