Monday, 3 April 2017

My browser won't let me into games on pogo club

\paul, if you ask a question like that, you're not likely to get the response that you expect. you specify the browser that you're using and the version. you give the url of the page that you're trying to access, so that someone can try to duplicate what you're doing to see what the problem is.

What is Club Pogo?

Club Pogo is a subsidiary of EA Online. AOL has a partnership with Club Pogo to give the best of both the game sites. You can play 300+ games on AOL and an additional 100+ games on Club Pogo using the same Username.


How do I sign-up for Club Pogo?

To sign up for Club Pogo:
1. Go to the Club Pogo Web site.
2. Click the CLICK HERE! button. This will take you on a virtual tour of the site and also facilitate the sign-up process.

Whom do I contact for billing related queries?

For billing related info on Club Pogo, please click here.


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